Want to lie back looking at a Galaxy of Stars?
Or a cool Mural that changes at night?
Let me help you create something awesome!

Bespoke Design

Each design is uniquely created for each client, following a mock up design or painted freehand.

Safe Paints

My UV paints are top quality British made. They glow for hours and can last up to 20 years

Creative Ideas

Any ideas you have, however far fetched get in touch and see what I can design for you.

Glowing Paint

All my paints need is to have the curtains open during the day to charge up the paint

By Night

As long as the room is completely dark you can lie back and enjoy your artwork

Quick Creations

Glow in the Dark Galaxies can be created in 3-4 hours, perfect to surprise a loved one!

Glow in the Dark Galaxies


By Day

During the day the Glow in the Dark Galaxy Ceiling is virtually invisible. The paints dry off white so a white ceiling is perfect. You do not need to paint your ceiling Black to get the Star Ceiling effect.


By Night

When night time comes, lie back in wonder looking up at the stars.
With a Glow in the dark Galaxy children are excited to go to bed, without a night light!

Get a Quote

An average Star Ceiling is approx £200 Wall Murals £50 a day. I'm offering some start up Half Price so discounts get in touch!

Contact Me

Any ideas or questions please get in touch. Sometimes I am up a ladder in the dark so please leave a message 07825107702

Home Visit

I can come to your home for a no obligation quote. I can show you a sample Glow in the dark Galaxy.

Recent Work


  • Zoe created a wonderful website for me, and dealt with my many crises of decision-making and frequent changes of mind with the patience of a saint. I am extremely grateful to her for her excellent work, and for the site which receives nothing but praise. Thank you again Zoe!

  • Thanks for the amazing website! Deciding to update our business website was the best idea I've had in years, she has so many flexible options and creative styles!  

  • Zoe Mond is such an amazing designer! You can't beat the colours and the options. It was so easy to discuss the design we wanted, my wedding invitations were perfect,...thanks again!

  • As soon as I saw this website it was love at first site, I knew I had to somehow get it to notice me, so I did what any good woman would do... I used money to buy its affections!

  •  Woof Woof!

  • Zoe is such an amazing designer! You can't beat the colors, the options, and the store pages are perfect to setup my online shop, now my website will pay for itself.. thanks again!

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